Welcome to Notionable! Notionable Hubs, Toolkits and Dashboards are built to help Notion users around the world plan, launch and grow their creative projects. 🚀 Whether you're a founder, writer, or content creator, Notionable has a Hub or a Toolkit to help you. Having launched numerous creative projects, from newsletters to crowdfunded design tools, I've used Notion to plan, start, and grow products for the last three years. And with every project I launch, I create a Hub and a Toolkit to help me. Notionable brings this philosophy of integrated and robust Hubs and Toolkits to creative Notion users everywhere.

Who am I?

I'm David Kiriakidis. I'm a writer, designer and digital creator based in the UK. I'm a Notion Power User that has built systems for a wide range of creative projects, as well as tools for everyday use. I set up Notionable to help creatives work better, smarter and more efficiently.

Notionable Tasks Hub (£15) With smart functionality, integrated tasks backlog, recurring tasks, custom goals, habit tracker, weekly sprints and much more. Get it Here
Notionable Notes Hub (£5) Study, learn and grow with the Notionable Notes Hub, with quick notes, notebooks and smart categorisation. Get it Here
Notionable Library Hub (£5) Track your reading and book spending, keep a resonance log, and save your favourite books and authors. Get it Here →


Hubs are the main dashboard for your project and are packed full of databases, templates, and more. Notionable Startup Hub Launch and grow your business, build your products and your community with our Startup Hub. Coming Soon 🛠 Notionable Crowdfunding Hub With smart campaign calendar, supplier crm, marketing tools, pledge planner and much more. Coming Soon → Notionable Creator Hub Build and monetise your work and skills with the Creator Hub, perfect for illustrators, artists, and creators. Coming Soon →


Notionable Toolkits come with 250+ curated resources to help you grow and are the perfect add-on to a Hub. Notionable Startup Toolkit Launch and grow your business, with over 250+ curated resources for bootstrapping your business. Coming Soon 🛠 Notionable Crowdfunding Toolkit Launch a successful campaign with over 250+ resources for your next Kickstarter or IndieGogo launch. Coming Soon → Notionable Creator ToolKit Over 250+ resources to help monetise your creations, planning, launching and promoting your online products. Coming Soon →

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🛠 Roadmap

Live 🎉
Notionable Tasks Hub
Notionable Tasks Hub
Notionable Habit Tracker
Notionable Library Hub
Notionable Notes Hub
Coming Next ⚡
Notionable Startup Hub
Notionable Startup Toolkit
Building 🛠
Notionable Crowdfunding Hub
Notionable Crowdfunding Toolkit
Notionable Creator Hub
Notionable Creator Toolkit
Planning 🧠
Notionable Reading Challenge 2021


What are Hubs & Toolkits?

Think of Hubs & Toolkits like Batman & Robin. Doc Brown & Marty McFly. Mac & Cheese.

Hubs are the central dashboard for your project, and are usually made up of project trackers, CRMs, templates etc. It's the command console and you're the pilot.

A Toolkit is a curated collection of resources, tools and guides to help you with that project, and is the perfect bolt-on to a Hub, or can be used separately. Hundreds of hours of research goes into each Toolkit to help you launch and grow your project.

So what exactly do I get?

Once you've purchased your Hub or Toolkit through Gumroad, you'll be redirected to the browser version of that Hub or Toolkit. If you look in the top right corner of the page, you'll see a "duplicate" button. Go ahead and click that, and it'll duplicate the Hub or Toolkit straight into your Notion workspace. This works with any Notion plan, even the free plan.

If you purchase a Hub, you'll find a link in the FAQs section, giving you a 50% discount on the accompanying Toolkit.

What can I do with my Hub/Toolkit?
Can I use my Hub or Toolkit in my personal Notion Workspace?

Definitely! Feel free to play around and tinker with different elements of your Hub or Toolkit.

Can I share or duplicate the Hub/Toolkit to a friend's Workspace?

No. Each Hub and Toolkit comes with one personal licence, for individual usage.

Can I share or duplicate the Hub/Toolkit to a team Workspace?

No. As above, each Hub and Toolkit comes with one personal licence for individual use. However, if you wish to use your Hub or Toolkit with your team, drop me a line, and we can discuss a team licence. I can also build in custom features if your team requires.

Anything else?

Yes. Please don't resell elements or parts of your Hub or Toolkit. Also, please don't create blog posts or articles using content in your Hub or Toolkit word-forword.

Do you have free templates?

Yes! Here you go...

Free Templates 🙌
Are they official Notion templates?

No. Notionable Hubs, Toolkits, and Templates are built with Notion, but are not official Notion products.

What about updates?

You'll get lifetime updates for your Hub and/or Toolkit 🙌

What about licences?

Personal Hubs come with a personal lifetime licence. Creative Hubs & Toolkits come with a team licence. Naturally.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you have a problem with your Hub, Toolkit, or Template that can't be fixed, then I'm happy to refund you within the first 14 days. If you have a feature request or a bug, I have a contact form which you can reach me on.

Why did you start Notionable?

As someone who has used Notion to improve his creative workflows, I've noticed there are two main types of workspaces I build in Notion.

I like to have a main Hub of information about a project. These hubs often include client dashboards, project trackers, and public portfolios, amongst others. These act as my main Hub for a project. I also like to have a subsidiary Toolkit of useful resources and links I've found to help me find new clients, show off my work and grow the project.